World Water Day Highlights the Importance of Clean Water

In 1992 the United Nations declared March 22nd World Water Day.  The first World Water day was observed in 1993.  Each year the UN uses World Water Day to call to attention a specific aspect of water conservation and the importance of water.  This year the theme is “Clean Water for a Healthy World.”

Access to clean water is necessary for health and hygiene.  As Americans, we tend to forget howlucky we are in having access to a plentiful supply of clean water.  Unfortunately, there are World Water Dayplaces in the world, including parts of the U.S., where people are not nearly so lucky.  Their search for clean water is a daily struggle, and there are days when they simply go without, or make due with substandard water.

Millions of people each year are affected by waterborne illnesses due to the lack of a clean water supply.  While you should be doing your part every day to help keep water clean, today is a day for taking your effort to the next level.  You could give to a water charity, or seek community events in your area that have organized today to clean up the shores of local waterways.  Even doing something as small as repairing a leaky faucet can save hundred of gallons of clean water a year.  If you’ve been putting off that repair job, today’s the day to get to it.

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