What Is STEM?

Basically STEM is an academic field in higher learning. It consists of four core subjects. The subjects are, science, technology engineering and mathematics. Any degree in these four subjects grouped as STEM is therefore referred to as a STEM degree. The modern world is in dire need of STEM degree graduates. New institutions are being developed each day to specialize in offering STEM courses and the preexisting universities are working hard to improve in this field in terms of study facilities, research and teachers. These courses are basically aimed towards technological growth which is a key to any modernized society’s development.

Careers in STEM

One of the fields with the highest number of job positions in the modern world is STEM. In exception of medical sciences, it involves all other science and engineering disciplinary programs such as computer sciences, information sciences, geo sciences physical sciences and mathematical sciences, biological sciences, engineering, environmental sciences among others. STEM is therefore a broad field and jobs are dependent on an individual specific degree choice. Most institutions start preparing their students for the STEM courses some years before college and most governments are facilitating this too.

Why STEM Has The Best Jobs

Currently STEM has some of the highest paying jobs all over the world. Several departments and sectors such as commerce department, transport department, engineering department among others are coming up with new jobs for STEM degree graduates. The sectors include automotive, energy, healthcare, information and geospatial technology among others

Most countries understand that STEM graduates hold a very major role in achieving sustainable growth of their economies and are working day in day out to make sure their institutions bake the best students who don’t necessarily have to rely on employment but also be the job makers and promising investors.

UNCF research shows there is likely to be a big labour deficit in between 2016 and 2021 and afterwards due to the high retirement rate of workers in the STEM. There is hence expected to be hundreds of job opportunities that have to be sealed hence students in the field currently have a bright career future. The rate at which new jobs especially in technology are increasing may course a big workforce deficit if more graduates in the subjects don’t get into the job market soon.

Teachers in the STEM field also have high chances of getting well-paying jobs. Most universities and colleges are having their teachers broaden their knowledge so to cope with the rapid rate at which the STEM field is growing. United States looses an estimated 30000 teachers in the field yearly. Some teachers also lack much exposure to the current STEM. To meet the STEM field requirements, the government will have to employ more than 240000 teachers in the next ten years.

No specific definition is given to STEM jobs hence giving an estimate of expected income may be a bit difficult. However, any course in the STEM field is among the most promising in the world currently and all you would need, is a competent degree and adequate interpersonal skills to strengthen it. Who knows? You might be the next person to bring a multibillion idea to the world too.