The Importance of Water in Your Diet

The importance of water is obvious; it’s just about everywhere, and it’s in every living thing. Water is an important part of your diet because it helps the body perform specific metabolic tasks that your body goes through every day.

First off, water is important for the regulation of body temperature. As you know, you’re a mammal. Mammals have to keep their temperature within a certain range.  For humans this is a range close to the optimal temperature of 98.6ºF.  If you get too hot, damage to the body’s most important system, the brain, occurs. Our bodies are able to keep cool by sweating.  Your body combats overheating by emitting sweat, which is mostly water, out of pores that cover almost our entire body.  If you are ever out in the heat and you stop sweating, this is a sure sign you are dehydrated.  Get out of the heat, and slowly drink water.  Slow is the key here, because if you take in to much water too quickly you may begin vomiting, which will only make the situation worse and could end in hospitalization.

Beyond just sweat, water is also a major component of bodily fluids that help the body function properly like blood and saliva.  Much of the fluid that gives the cells of our body their shape is water.  Without water in those cells, they would look like deflated balloons.  This is why it’s important to take in water by drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water a day, as well as intake via foods like fruits and vegetables which are full of water as well.

Water in your diet is also required to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy.  Without enough water, you risk having dry skin and chapped lips.  While there may be other factors involved with those conditions, drinking some water is the quickest and easiest treatment to try first.

Unlike camels, and other animals, we can not store water within our bodies.  We have to drink water every single day to stay in peak health.  We can store food in our fat, so we can go weeks without it, but without water you would not last more than a couple days.  This is why you have to understand the importance of water in your diet.

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