Technology Careers List

Technology is one of the most promising career paths that you can decide to pursue today. There are so many technology startups that have come up and the trend is likely to continue in future as technology continues to evolve. Graduates with technology related degrees will therefore be in high demand in future. There are many technology related degrees that you can decide to pursue. The following is a technology careers list that you can use to chart your career path.

1. Food Science & Technology

Food science involves the study of chemical, physical and microbiological makeup of food substances. It draws knowledge from other fields such as biochemistry, biology and chemical engineering in an attempt to understand the food processes. This knowledge is then used to improve consumable products for the benefit of the general public.

Food Technology is a branch of Food Science that involves extensive consumable products research and systematic investigations of food compositions and properties. Food Technology principles are used to enable mass production in the food industry.

Having studied food science and technology, your skills will be very useful in food processing and manufacturing industry. Food Technology and Processing is also another useful path that you can take if you want to become relevant in this industry.

2. Wood Science and Wood Products/Pulp and Paper Technology

This is a field that involves the application of physical, engineering and chemical principles to the study of behavior and analysis of wood products and the processes of conversion of wood into paper products.

As a student in this field, you will study skills such as wood classification, wood testing, processing technologies, product developments and designing of equipments and related systems. Demand for these skills will continue increasing hence a career in this field is very promising.

3. Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology

This is a program that involves application of advanced technologies in construction and design, efficient building operations including lighting, building conservation, retrofitting existing buildings and energy conscious designs. The program draws instruction from environmental control systems, mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, computer tools applications, building technology and sustainability.

Architectural and building technology is one field that will continue to grow as the population of the world continues to increase. Individuals and businesses are always trying to improve building conditions and efficiency. Governments will also continue putting in place regulations to ensure safety of buildings. This is therefore a field that can lead to a fulfilling career for those with a passion for architectural and building sciences.

4. Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects

In this program, you learn how to use computer applications to manipulate images and information coming from films, photographs, videos, sound tracks, digital copies and physical objects. Once you learn these, you will be able to communicate massages that simulate contents in real world. Studying this will be advantageous for those who hope to get employment in the media and entertainment industries.

5. Information Technology

Information technology involves the application of telecommunication equipments and computers in storing, transmitting and manipulating data in the context of businesses and other enterprises.

As an IT specialist, companies can hire you as a systems administrator, database manager and many other roles. You could also get a job in consulting firms.

6. Data Processing and Data Processing Technology/Technician

This is a program that prepares you to use computer software and programs in inputting, organizing, verifying, transforming, storing and retrieving information. It draws knowledge from operating systems configurations and data entry applications such as spreadsheets, word processors, database programs, design programs and many other applications.

You will find these skills very useful in research and technological companies as well as any other company that require data entry, analysis and management.

7. Laser and Optical Technology/Technician

Students studying laser technology are taught the principles of optics, laser alignment, electronics and many other advanced laser technologies. As a graduate in this program, you can become electro-optical and laser technician with the ability to repair, test, maintain, calibrate and install medical instruments. You will be able to get employment in instruments manufacturing companies as a photonics engineer or engineering technician.

8. Biomedical Technology/Technician

A biomedical technologist ensures that medical equipments are well maintained, safely functional and properly configured. As a biomedical technologist, you will find employment in clinics, hospitals, private sector companies and even in the military.

9. Instrumentation Technology/Technician

This is a program that enables students to acquire engineering support technical skills in measurements systems, control and procedures. It draws instruction from design and production testing, calibration, automated equipment functioning, instrumentation maintenance and design, reports preparation and many other skills. You will work hand in hand with engineers in providing technical support.

10. Robotics Technology/Technician

This program teaches students technical skills that enable them to give support to engineers involved in the development and use of robots. It involves instruction in the principles of robotics, system maintenance and repair procedures, design and operational testing, specific system types, robots computer systems and many other skills.

There are many other technology based programs that you can specialize in. Many of these programs are in high demand and pursuing them can lead to a satisfying career depending on your dreams and career aspirations.