Is Distilled Water Safe To Drink?

You’re wondering – is distilled water safe to drink?  The short answer is yes – drinking distilled water is safe.  There’s a bit of confusion surrounding this type of water, so let’s go ahead and clear some things up.

Can You Drink Distilled Water Even Though It Has No Minerals?

It seems one of the reasons against drinking distilled water is that it doesn’t have any minerals.  This is a ridiculous argument, quite honestly.  Most people don’t even drink enough water as it is, and worrying about whether or not you’re getting the proper amount of minerals from the tiny trace amounts of minerals you might be taking in via your water is simply ridiculous.

You get your necessary minerals from food, not water.  You get water from water.  The only thing you might miss out on is Fluoride.  Fluoride is often added to tap water in the United States and some other areas.  However, drinking a bottle of distilled water isn’t going to make your teeth fall out of your face from lack of fluoride.  There are plenty of people on the planet who get by just fine without this luxury.

Is It OK To Drink Distilled Water Even Though It Tastes Bad?

Well, we’re talking about the safety of drinking distilled water here.  People argue that you shouldn’t drink it because it tastes bad.  This isn’t really a safety issue at all – you aren’t going to die if you drink water that isn’t up to your flavor standards.  You could die if you don’t drink water though, so if your only option is to drink distilled water, you should probably drink up.  Water is water, and there are mild flavor differences between any two sources.  You could go to a friend’s house and not like their water.  You might even find that you prefer the very clean taste of distilled water.

There are no real arguments for or against drinking distilled water as far as health and safety are concerned.  There’s no reason to go out of your way avoid it or to specifically drink it, but is it safe to drink distilled water?  It sure is.

Final Note:  If you’re sitting in your chemistry class, feeling a little thirsty, eye-balling that distilled water bottle, and looking this up on your iPhone because you’re wondering – is distilled water safe to drink?  IT’S NOT in this case.



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