The Importance of Water To Life

The importance of water can’t be overstated when it comes to life on Earth.  Over 70% of the Earth is covered in water, and without water there simply is no life.  There are many life forms that can live with very little water, but nothing living on Earth exists without water.  A fluid is needed for the transportation of the nutrients that are required by all living things.  All life on Earth uses water as this fluid medium.  This makes sense since it is so abundant on our planet and it remains liquid in a wide variety of climates and temperatures.

Possibly greater than the importance of water itself, is the importance of clean water.  Most living things require a certain type of water to live.  For example, fish in the ocean need salt water.  Moreover, different fish live at different depths because they’ve adapted to a particular level of salt in the water combined with the temperature at that level.  If that water isn’t clean, that balance changes and those life forms have a more difficult time surviving.  Humans require very clean water to live.  We must have water that is free of chemicals and diseases.  Various other life forms can live on different levels of cleanliness in their water, but wild changes in the type of water ingested can severely affect any living thing.  Increasing the contaminates and chemicals in water sources can throw entire ecologies out of whack, killing the life within in them.  This illustrates the importance of water to life and it shows why clean water is so important; it’s our job as humans to do what we can to keep these contaminates out of the water.

How can you demonstrate your knowledge of the importance of water?  Doing some simple things on a day to day basis can help you can do to help keep water clean for every living thing.  For example, don’t dump chemicals and contaminants down the drain.  This may seem like common sense but it happens every day.  People dump things like anti-freeze, motor oil and other contaminants down the drain or right on their lawn (this includes pesticides!) because it’s easier for them.  These people are lazy and they obviously don’t understand the importance of water.  Don’t be that guy.  There are appropriate places to dispose of these chemicals either at your local mechanic, or a hazardous waste facility.  Another helpful tip is to use Earth friendly products.  Products that are deemed Earth friendly or “Green” have been determined to be less harmful to the environment.  You can find Earth friendly products ranging from dish soap to fertilizer.  Though these products tend to be a little more expensive, they are worth it in the long run because they help our planet and our water to stay clean.

These are just a few things that demonstrate the importance of water.  As humans, we do the most damage to our water supply, and it is up to us to do small things to make big changes in the cleanliness of Earth’s water.  For more information check out the “Things You Can Do” at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website.


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    for me,we should be wise in using of water because we can use it in our needed in case we have a water shortage .

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