The Importance of Water Conservation

Everyday in America we waste billions of gallons of water with no regard to the fact that in many other people in countries across the globe, would fight to have the water that we waste. People here do not understand the importance of water conservation. If we had to drink the water that some people have to drink everyday, I think that we would all focus a little more on the water that we all, so regretfully, waste in our lives.

The conservation of water is really an global issue that we should all be a part of.  It is something that everyone can get behind no matter what your background is, where you’ve come from, or what your beliefs are.  It’s a simple fact that conservation water is incredibly important and there are human lives at stake.

We let clean water go down the drain when we rinse our dishes, brush our teeth, wash our hands, and shower or bathe.  We waste millions of gallons of water from swimming pools by not doing something as simple as putting a cover on them, to keep out the dirt.  We think our vehicles have to be washed and shiny.  Bathtubs have grown to hold an extraordinary amount of water for us to bathe in.  We flush the toilet constantly, whether it really needs it or not.  Our gardens and lawns are watered on a regular basis.

Just stop and think about how much we take our readily available, clean water for granted.  Think about what it would be like to cook with muddy water.  What would it be like to bathe in this same dirty water.  Now picture having to take your child to a water hole, that you know
is probably polluted, to get a drink of the only water that you can find.  For these reasons we all need to step up and make a change.  Not only do we need to be more appreciative of our clean water, we need to do all we can to get clean water to those who don’t have it.

Everyday people are dying, just because their water is full of disease and pollution.  They are also dying because they have no water at all.  What does it say about us, if we choose to turn away from these problems? If we do not change our wasteful ways, this very well could be where we are going to bein the coming years.  Conservation is definitely where we all need to start.

Open your eyes and pay attention to how much water you actually need, and how much water you just waste.  Stop letting the water run unnecessarily.  Take a short shower instead of a long bath. When you do have to let the water run a bit to get hot, catch the cold water and use it to water your plants.

It is okay if your car is a little dirty. These are just a tiny amount of the things that we can all do to conserve water. Look around you and you will see many more.


  1. thanks for this topic ,you know that we are all responsable for our earth and our lives but what can we do to face this problem there are many people don’t care but there will be a day we will not find what to drink

    • As with many things, it’s a matter of education. The more people know, the more they will begin making better choices when it comes to their water usage, and water conservation.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful topic. But according to me, its of no use there are some people who read it for one day, the next day they may follow it, but then, they are the same. The world is spoiling day by day, nowadays human don’t care whether they are wasting water or polluting it. Now only God knows what may happen in the future, whether we may get water to drink or not?

  3. Adeboye Oyindamola M.

    Thank u so much for ur great view on water conservation. Some people don’t know d usage of water and then they waste it any how. I pray we see water to use in future cause the way things are going, i don’t think there will be water to use in future.

  4. It’s essential to save water so that our future generation may also have it so we should apply the water saving points in our daily life.

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    thnx for the tips!!!!!!!!!!

  9. niraj ranjan acharya

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  14. Please save water. help people who need it instead of wasting it. Make this world a better place for today and tomorrow!

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  19. Don’t waste water.It’s precious

  20. we must conserve water for life

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  25. thank you fr this topic because it help me a lot and i know the importance of water in our life

  26. i hope you will continue on sharing your knowledge to us

  27. water is very important in our daily life,we don’t need to waste water in a simple cause

  28. Abdulla Mohyiddin

    i liked the article very much.

    and i got many points for my school avtivity.

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