DIY Computer Desk Build

There are numerous benefits to building your very own computer desk. 1st, it’s much cheaper than purchasing one. You may also get your desk to fit in the right space. You can also make sure it is a desk which fits your body well so you do not get any back or neck problems or the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Computer desks generally have a top where a keyboard and a mouse sits, and raised area where the monitor sits. Certain desks put the mouse and keyboard on a shelf under the main top. The CPU may sit on top of the computer desk, beside the computer desk, or on some special shelf that’s created for it. The computer desk may be set or designed at any height so as to fit special chairs or stools, or to be utilized while standing. Beyond this, the options are all up to you. Certain users prefer minimal setups, with maybe just a top & the legs; some others prefer a lot of storage area, with drawers and file cabinets.

Most of the planning that’s involved when building the computer desk mainly concerns the placement and the number of peripherals. For instance, a printer is 1 of the peripherals that many users have, & where you actually decide to put it will have a major effect on the design. In case you wish to put it on your desktop, you’ll need to make your desktop larger. You may build a customized shelf for holding it, either above your monitor or below your desktop, or you may build another cabinet that’s entirely separate from your computer desk. Some other peripherals you may need to consider include; power supplies, scanners, graphic pads, external disk drives, and the sound system with speakers.

How To Build a Computer Desk


  • 1″ thick wooden plank for the top of your desk
  • Plank for the keyboard tray
  • 1″ thick wooden plank
  • Wood glue
  • Sand paper and/or electric sander
  • Power drill and a screwdriver
  • Level
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Wood stain
  • Wood varnish
  • Brushes for varnish
  • Screws
  • L brackets
  • Carriage bolts & locking nuts
  • Keyboard runners
  • Scrap wood for bracing the legs

Instructions for Building A Computer Desk

  1. Design your desk. Design a top, a good place for your keyboard and your legs. The key thing that usually differs is the actual size of the computer desk.
  2. Cut the wood planks to a size you need. Legs can be cut from a single plank if angled correctly. Ensure the keyboard desks is wide enough that it can reach both desk ends so the runners can fit properly.
  3. Sand all the wood pieces until they are smooth.
  4. Attach the desk legs to the desk top using the L brackets and the carriage bolts & locking nuts. It’s likely that they’ll wobble at this juncture. If they do, measure the spaces diagonally between table top and legs, and then use the scrap pieces of the wood in order to reach across the distance so as to anchor the desk legs much more firmly. Make sure you screw in all the the scrap pieces tightly.
  5. Use smaller planks of wood & attach your keyboard sliders. Screw the sliders in tightly. If you desire, screw in small pieces of the wood to back of your drawer so the keyboard can’t fall off. You can attach the otherside of sliders to your desk legs. Ensure you attach the drawers at a proper height for comfortable sitting at the table or desk.
  6. Using a clean damp rag, stain all the wood properly in a smooth circular motion.
  7. When it dries, apply your varnish with a clean paint brush or a sponge brush. 2 coats may be needed.
  8. Let it sit for about 24 hours in order to dry, once it has completely dried, you are done.

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