3 DIY Computer Project Ideas

We can all agree that DIY projects call for artistry and practicality. Likewise, this kind of project inspires you to come up with your own plans and apply your mental fortitude. Not just that, you’re also required to employ some elbow grease, but the end of the day, you can feel proud of yourself as you look at your final output.

As for the nerds, we can probably say that their DIY projects are really outstanding most of the time. These people are willing to spend countless of hours just to perfect their craft– whether it’s a self-programmed app or a homebrew computer.

Here are the top 3 DIY computer project ideas for the nerds to try.

1) Lean, Green Gaming Machine

Say goodbye to tablets and smartphones; when it comes to gaming, nothing beats the full-sized gaming computers! In fact, they’re even described as the “true thoroughbreds.” Gaming computers are faster, bigger, and no doubt, more powerful than any type of computer you’d usually find in most homes. However, no matter how awesome they are, there’s still a slight drawback– they’re not that eco-friendly.

If you’re not aware (which we highly doubt), during a serious gaming session, these computers suck down hundreds of watts just to ensure that the CPU, graphic processors, and other high-end components will be running smoothly, no matter what.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to green your machine.

Select components that consume less wattage. This will be possible if you’ll opt for a custom-built computer with parts that you personally select. Also, due to the fact that most manufacturers are more sensitive to green concerns now, they have produced power-sipping products, such as the AMD and Nvidia. Even ASUS unleashed its Ge-Force GTX 650-E– a high-end graphics card that only consume 60 watts at peak power.

2) A Computer for a Tight Budget

If you’re cheap, or you’re just trying to pinch pennies, then this one is for you– a cheap, yet functional computer. Basically, this computer will have the cheapest components available and you shouldn’t focus much attention for the quality.

The idea here is to get your hands dirty and build your computer without worrying how you can avail a $400 graphic card. Just buy a barebones computer kit and you’re all set. However, if you want to turn this into a hobby or perhaps, a business, there’s no harm in searching for the pieces yourself.

This kind of project will give you the experience you need in matching compatibilities and you’ll also understand the complimentary weaknesses and strengths of the computer parts.

3) DIY Home Theater Computer

Everyone wants to have a home theater, but not all have the budget for that. This DIY idea will turn your computer into the brain of the home theater. Likewise, it will also serve as the storage device for your media, together with the audio and video output. Not just that, you can also use your computer and turn it into a digital recorder.

Though, before you start, keep in mind that there are a lot of things to be considered when building a home theater, such as the need of a remote control and the accompanying software. Though, that’s not all, you’ll also need to look for ways on how to interface the cable with your computer. A TV tuner can be utilized to capture over-the-air television, and you can use HDMI or DVI input to connect your computer to your TV. Don’t worry, most TVs these days have one of these inputs and all you have to do is make your computer compatible for it.

These are just some of the DIY computer project ideas that you can try. There are a lot of options available. Just keep in mind that you have the ability to turn your computer into whatever you want it to be, as long as you have the skills and knowledge needed for it.

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